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Prevent goods from rocking and tilting with Niupack

No more rocking and tilting of goods with Niupack
We are specialists in protection We are J2 Servid and our main objective is the safety of your goods. Thanks to Niupack, for instance, which will stop the transported goods from rocking and tilting. After over 25 years in business, we continue to work in search of different solutions for the protection and securing of cargo loads during goods transportation. Thanks to our extensive experience, you can count on our products (such as Niupack), advice and innovation, whatever your transport needs. We will help to recommend the best solution for your particular needs thanks to the diversity of products we have available and our know-how in void-fillers and the protection and securing of cargo in the transport. Our products, including Niupack, which prevents goods from rocking and tilting, are tested in the world’s best laboratories, where they are subjected to all manner of tests: resistance, absorption, compression, and so on. Thanks to these tests, we can offer you the best products and solutions on the market.
We protect goods Securing goods to prevent them from rocking and tilting
All our products for securing goods – to prevent them from rocking or tilting, for example – are designed and tested to prevent damage. They all respond to different needs for the securing and stowage of cargo, depending on its volume, weight, type, etc. At J2 Servid, we have various systems available, such as Niupack, lashing systems, protective awnings and anti-slip products, among others.
At J2 Servid we are continually investigating in order to find new solutions and to innovate with new products to protect your cargo and to prevent goods from rocking or tilting, for instance. We are aware that we form part of an increasingly globalised market, where more and more goods are exported to countries at ever-greater distances, often in extreme conditions, and therefore we must protect them correctly during transportation and prevent them, for example, from rocking and tilting. At J2 Servid, we offer you a wide range of different solutions to protect your goods with Niupack during transportation, whether by road, sea, air or rail.
We are members of different associations which work for greater security and safety for people and cargo transportation. For example, at J2 Servid we are members of EUMOS (European Safe Logistics Association), a not-for-profit organisation that works to improve safety across the entire logistics chain. At J2 Servid we are also concerned about the environment and the sustainability of our products; we have therefore made improvements with reductions of up to 75% in our carbon footprint. We also work on the development of new products in order to achieve even further reductions.
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