The protection system for transport that prevents the movement of goods.

No more damage to products during transportation. We present Niupack, the simple and practical system that will prevent the movement of goods during transportation. Niupack is a product developed by J2 Servid, a company with over 25 years of experience in the sector.
Niupack is a highly resistant and economical product that will prevent goods from being damaged during their transportation. Niupack can be customised and offers a wide variety of models, which are presented to you on this website. This is the ideal system for consumer goods logistics.

Each piece of Niupack is easily placed between pallets, acting as a divider and therefore preventing goods from falling or moving as well as the domino effect between them.


Niupack is a reliable and highly resistant solution. Each piece of Niupack can withstand pressure equivalent to over 4,000 kilos. Laboratory tested.


Thanks to its flexibility, Niupack adapts to the needs of different industries: food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, etc. There are different sizes and formats available.

How Does Niupack Work?

An explanatory video on the importance of protecting goods during transport. Pallets can shift and cause damage to the material they are carrying, signifying potential losses of time and money.

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Niupack: secures goods, fills gaps between pallets.
Prevents damage to goods during transportation.

Niupack is the void-filler system for goods

Prevents the domino effect that occurs during braking and acceleration.

Niupack is made of honeycomb cardboard and is used as a void-filler so the small gaps that exist between the cargo of goods don’t remain empty, thereby preventing unwanted movements. It is a product tested by external laboratories and there are different patented models. With the Niupack system we prevent your products from being systematically rejected due to damage occasioned by movements during transportation routes. Custom manufacture is available.

The Niupack Models

We have a wide variety of Niupack models that adapt to your needs. This void-filler system for lorry containers of different shapes and sizes is available in the following formats: Niupack S, Niupanel, Niupack Double, Niupack L, Niublock and Niubox.

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Niupack models
A Patented System

At J2 Servid, we have various patented Niupack models.

Niupack models
Different models for different uses

Discover which variety of Niupack models best suits your needs.

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