How to avoid shifting and dropping of goods during transport

evitar el desplazamiento caida mercancia

When it comes to transporting goods, it is essential to ensure that the products reach their final destination in optimum condition. However, on many occasions, during transport, goods can shift and fall, which can result in economic losses for both the carriers and the owners of the goods. To avoid this type of situation, it […]

How to improve the packaging of your cargo to avoid damage during transport

Proper packaging is essential to ensure that your cargo arrives at its final destination undamaged. Lack of adequate protection can result in financial losses and delivery delays. Let’s look at the importance of proper packaging to protect your cargo during transport, the most reliable packaging materials, how to choose the right size and shape of […]

Avoiding the domino effect in the transport of goods

The transportation of goods is a vital process for any business that depends on the supply of products. However, this process can be affected by problems arising during the transport of the goods by road, for example, the domino effectThis occurs when there are small gaps between the merchandise and the pallets fall or tilt, […]

How to fill the gaps between pallets in transportation

Transporting goods on pallets is a very common practice in the logistics and trade industry. However, it is common to have gaps between pallets that can result in cargo shifting during transport, which can lead to material losses and setbacks throughout the supply chain. Let’s look at the importance of filling the gaps between pallets […]

What is the domino effect in freight forwarding?

When we talk about the domino effect in freight transportation we refer to the situation where one commodity falls and triggers a chain of events that results in the fall of other nearby commodities. This can happen at different stages of transportation, either during the loading and unloading of the products on the trucks or […]